Who is Frontech?

As a 2015 founded young and enthusiastic organisation and tech hub of an international gaming company, Frontech provides solutions for software development with all aspects to deliver a project with meeting all the quality and systemic requirements all the time and on time.

In a very short time, our services became an invaluable part of our projects at various websites, and mobile applications for online gaming across the world.

Our Technology

Backend Development

Our challenge is delivering solutions to our customers which are stable, high performance and meet the requirements of widely accepted sector specifications. By doing that we are always focused on user experience being top priority. Since we are delivering solutions for a wide range of challenges there is always room for new technologies.

Why Choose Us?

We personalize how we work to fit your project needs. Our approach helps augment innovation.


Our strategy has been setting up cross-functional teams for different projects to oversee any unexpected glitches that may fail the timeline of a project ahead and reduce the time needed to get projects up and running.


We do nearly everything to get to the point: designing the software and the architecture from scratch to testing and delivering it to the users. We are good at but not limited to technical skills. It’s fun to contribute to our partners’ processes how to be better in building software. It is all about creating the quality software in time.


We are used to think in a zero-downtime fashion; we do not let our systems down. Our agile software development flows allow us to build robust and user satisfying products.

Our Culture

Running as a team is really important to us

Join the team!

In order to manage increased traffic, maintenance and further development of these sites&apps we are looking for innovative, keen people to join our team. In return, we offer a relaxed working environment in a centrally located office, remote work possibilities, good hardware, good coffee and more. If you want to work with us, have a look at our job opportunities below.

Senior Frontend Developer

We are looking for a Front-end Developer to help us build the best online gaming site and by best we mean it’s accessible, responsive, performance-friendly, scalable and test-driven.

Ready to join the team?

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